Friday, 28 September 2012

brief for special studies1

the brief

For my specialist studies I plan to specialise in character design and concept art mainly focusing on developing it and researching up more methods and design I can influence my own work as well as working on the side on my storyboarding learning different types of styles to use. From this I plan to do for my special studies 1 is work from an already made script and design the characters from the script and make a small storyboard based off the script itself. what I plan to achieve from this is to work off a already made  script that can not be altered by myself and design characters based around the main script writing but adding my own unique style to it.

why I chose to pursue this as a job career was my passion to design and make characters that felt like they were in motion and the through my years I have worked on my designs of characters looking at other art styles and animators who have drawn and painted character designs for movies like Prince of Egypt's, kung fu panda, Alice in Wonderland and so on.

 another thing I will be doing for this specialist in these is working around my target audience this will mainly be based around an audience who are looking for a simple design and liked hearted character designs something for younger years and may be young teens.

so as a recap I will be working off an already made character design script design a character based off the script and add my unique style to it while still in the guidelines of what was asked and work a little on storyboarding as well.


research and references 


Andy Bialk (character designer) worked on:  DRAGONS: Riders of Berk (TV), Shrek and after (film), Madagascar 2 (film), Dexter's laboratory (TV series), Megamind (film)

Michael Kutsche (character designer) worked on:

Alice in Wonderland (film), Thor (film), John Crater of Mars (film),  Viking of Asgard (game), Oz: the great and powerful (film)

Carter Goodrich (character designer) worked on:
Brave (film), hotel Transylvania (film), despicable me (film), open season 1 & 2 (film), ratatouille (film), Sinbad: the legend of the 7 Seas (film), Joseph: King of dreams (film), the Prince of Egypt's (film)

Nicolas Marlet (character designer) worked on:

kung fu Panda (film), over the hedge (film), Madagascar (film), Sinbad: the legend of the 7 Seas (film), the road to El Dorado (film), the Prince of Egypt's (film), how to train your Dragon (film)


"the art and making of hotel transylvania" forward by Genndy tartakovsky, written by Tracey Miller-zarneke

"the animation bible" by maureen furniss- published in 2008 by laurence king

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