Monday, 19 March 2012

Advent brief 2

"Heinz Advent"

for this advertisement animation we were given multiple briefs of which would we could choose from. there were multiple brief based on different Clients product. For this advert animation I chose the brief based on Heinz salad cream the brief was simple and easy to understand and what was asked was to create a unique advert which would appeal to the 18 to 25-year-old consumer showing off the brand is being unique and still usable on any food product. For this I came up with a couple of ideas based on the idea of student living in what they would do.

Idea for advert

1st idea
I was thinking of someone going to the fridge looks in sees a lot of food thinks of what to have then sits at a table with a sandwich and the Heinz Salad Cream with the end saying "make it sweet and simple" with the Heinz Salad Cream at the end.

2nd idea
a student is holding a party at his house he looks into the fridge insignificant but leftovers and some Heinz salad cream because that up with the idea to use the leftover food is the party platter with some Heinz salad cream it goes off well and at the end of the thing they're all dancing the end saying everything is better with Heinz.

For the animation I've chosen the 1st idea would some parts of the 2nd idea implemented into it where it would still be a single student going to the fridge to get food but at the end party would be happening away of expressing a party in your mouth. After getting the idea of what I was going to give I did some research on the background and how would make it and also the style of animation that I would use to make the mission itself

After watching adverts that were based on the product itself I chose to do my style and a flat 2-D animation with the product being a cut out picture of the product to make it standout or monks the background. How made this animation was by using after-effects and its puppet tool by using a still character made of separate parts put together an animated within the program. Throughout the animation I found multiple complications with objects disappearing and some timing errors of which are found simple solutions to by renaming objects and using effects to pass from one scene to the next. 

test design
 charcater model

background designs

Throughout this project I have gained a lot of experience using a different software and learn new ways of planning out scenes better, if there were anything that I would like to do better it would be speeding up some of the scenes to make it flow better.


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