Thursday, 28 October 2010

Anticipation stickman

For this week assignment we had to get an understanding of human figures actions. At first we had to observe someone jumping all leaping to get an understanding of the concept, after a couple of still drawing to see how the human body gets ready to jump we were given the task to create a stick man using the anticipation in jumping or leaping.
First I chose the scene I was going to use then see if I could simplify the scene to make it easier to animate. My first idea was to do two stick coming across some puddles. After planning out the storyboard I realise that two stick men would be a difficult task as both may cross path and become harder to differ for each other, in the end I decided to use one stick man for this animation.
After planning out my storyboard I went out to design a set frame so that my animation would stay within the line limit, after that I then designed the background and objects that would be in scene so that I can keep consistency within my animation. It may end result I was quite pleased with how it turned out although there are some flaws in my timing of the animation I was able to get all of the scenes I wanted.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

bouncing ball animation

For this of animation I had to animated a ball that uses the squash and stretch technique. At first I planned out what was going to do for my animation and after doing research on the Internet of different types of bouncy balls I decided to go with a ping-pong ball for my animation.
For more research I decided to record myself dropping two different types of balls to see how they would react when they hit the floor. One of the balls bouncing ball had more velocity as it was coming back upwards unlike the other ball a small tennis ball which he lost its velocity as it hit the floor.

 What would happen in the animation is the ball would bounce off the bottom of two cups, off a wall and then go into a cup. To keep the ball and other objects consistent I used a template which I placed behind the paper. The only thing I'm not happy about in my animation is that I was not able to keep the cup size consistent and so they look as if they are pulsating. from this animation I've learnt to get an understandingon the bounce and stretch technique and also to work on my timing on my animation. 

Thursday, 7 October 2010

(Rough) old man's expressions

Here is a rough finish of my animation which I've titled the old man's expression. The technique I used on this animation was the double take or two frames to give it a longer and more paused the fact when it got to the expressions. First I planned out the shape of the characters face then I chose the expressions which the character was used in the animation, I chose neutral to shocked and angry then ending on neutral again.

This animation is fairly rough and I will update to a better quality animation at a later date but until then I'm going to use this rough for now. I'm really happy how the animation turned out and once I get a rough sketch finished.

Friday, 1 October 2010

group flipbook animation

For this flipbook animation we had to work in a team of five and come up with a unique animation that could be played in a repeat of the loop. When we first started we talked about how all of our animation is could come together as one, after a while we decided that the way we were going to link all of our animation together was make the character jump into different scenes using different elements that we added (for example the character would jump off a diving board in the land in the water allowing the switch).
My task was making the character jump off a diving board into the water at first I thought it would be quite difficult but near the end of the animation became easier to understand.

In all I really enjoyed how the group animation turned out.

my flipbook Animation

This was my first time at making a flip book animation. For my flipbook animation I wanted to try my hand at making an animation that uses the squash and stretch technique to test my skills. As I was drawing out frame by frame I found it difficult to keep in line with my previous frame before, but in all I was quite pleased with how it came together.
My only regret is that I was not able to keep the flipbook still enough when I was putting me animation onto the computer.